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SODIGITALLY selected for Casa do Impacto's Triggers Program

SODIGITALLY has earned a spot at Casa do Impacto's esteemed Triggers program. 

Casa do Impacto, hailed as one of Europe's leading startup hub by Financial Times, offers a supportive ecosystem for impact-driven startups through its array of acceleration, investment, and incubation initiatives.

Triggers, a flagship accelerator program at Casa do Impacto, serves as a catalyst for cultivating fresh ideas and transforming them into viable, sustainable solutions. It champions teams showcasing the requisite drive and expertise needed for impactful entrepreneurship, particularly in addressing the environmental sustainability challenges facing our planet.

SODIGITALLY's selection for the Triggers program underscores our commitment to driving positive change through technology, aligning seamlessly with Casa do Impacto's ethos of nurturing sustainable innovation. As we embark on this exciting journey, SODIGITALLY eagerly anticipates harnessing the resources and expertise provided by Casa do Impacto to further their mission of crafting impactful digital solutions for a sustainable future.

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